Always be careful !

All source code and experimentations, should be realized carefully!
The choice of materials, components, have to be chosen carefully, based on their applications and environments.
In addition
rovide 20% additional space in the box receiving the PCB
rovide minimum 30% higher voltages used to that
Always check the temperature during operation of all components generant heat if you not planning to use heat sinks (Datasheet)

I share everything i do myslef and voluntary, any corrections about my mistakes, typping errors, or anything else are welcome.

For other things, like sources codes, informations … Take a look at the top bar menu ! (In pages, you can select archives by date)
I deliberately refused to published wiring diagrams, due to their simplicities and explanations given in the articles.

Source code based partially on Speeduino by Josh.
Google group community : Open Source Arduino Electronic Vehicle Management


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